Handstand courses for all levels

Learn how to do a handstand online and explore courses for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced practitioners. 

Handstand Conditioning

A free course for everyone who is seeking to improve their strength and confidence before they begin to learn handstands. 

All levels

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How To Do A Handstand?

My flagship course designed for total beginners, with zero to little experience in balancing on hands


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Straight Handstand - Alignment & Balance

This course is a continuation of the beginners course and will help you straighten your line in a handstand and improve your balancing skills. "Mandatory" course for everyone who takes their handstand practice seriously.

Advanced beginners/intermediate

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Power Vinyasa Masterclass - Jump, Float, Fly

This is a "bonus" course which I find very helpful for gaining strength, flexibility and better feeling for handstands. Please note that this in an advanced yoga course.

Vinyasa, advanced

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Arm Balances - Part 1

A perfect course for beginners who would like to strengthen their upper body and improve the sense of balance through yoga. Also, a great course for anyone else who likes balancing and learning new stuff!

Vinyasa, handstand beginners/intermediate yogis

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Handstand Bundle

Enjoy handstand courses with a discount! This option is best for those who would like to commit to their practice and enjoy all courses for the most mindblowing progress!

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What my learners say

I enjoy the beginners handstand course a lot! I have been struggling for many years to finally learn how to balance on my hands and the tips from the course really helped me. Thank you!
Alison K.
I purchased the handstand bundle a while ago and I am progressing really fast. The combination of different kinds of practices, from yoga and workouts to such specific tricks like handstand is a perfect way to learn. 
Cameron J.
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