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This yoga course is designed for complete yoga  beginners who don't have any experience in this practice. You'll explore a few basic yoga poses and practice simple sequences - all for free!

Vinyasa, beginners

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Immersion #1 - Hips & Hamstrings

These practices are suitable for all yogis. We focus on increasing the flexibility and mobility of hip area as well as the back of the legs. The course contains 6 vinyasa classes. All levels, but total beginners might have a little challenge.

Vinyasa, intermediate

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21 Days With Strong Yoga

Check out this bestselling course for intermediate / advanced practitioners to get stronger, more flexible and increase the body awareness. Intense & powerful!

Vinyasa, intermediate/advanced

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Emotional Yoga

During this course we will practice to unblock the tight parts of the body and stimulate the energetic channels - meridians - to bring harmony into our body and mind. If you have been stressed for a long time, you probably feel it in your body, and this course will be a perfect support on your path to feeling better.

Vinyasa, beginners friendly

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Power Vinyasa Masterclass - Jump, Float, Fly

This is a physically demanding yoga course focusing on floating forward and back as well as including handstands in your yoga practice. Course for advanced yogis and yoginis.

Vinyasa, advanced

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Arm Balances - Part 1

A perfect course for beginners in arm balancing, but not beginners in yoga, who would like to strengthen their upper body and improve the sense of balance. Also, a great course for anyone else who is learning handstands.

Vinyasa, intermediate/advanced

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5 Days With Power Vinyasa

Get strong, flexible and more grounded through powerful vinyasa practices. Suitable for intermediate practitioners who are up for a challenge!

Vinyasa, intermediate/advanced

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Face Yoga

My favourite "beauty" practice - if you exercise your body, why not exercising your face? I recommend. It really works! This is my private, 11-minute long, morning routine.

All levels

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Monthly Subscription

This subscription contains majority of my yoga courses & workouts. You can access them for only 9,99EUR per month!

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What my learners say

I enjoy the beginners handstand course a lot! I have been struggling for many years to finally learn how to balance on my hands and the tips from the course really helped me. Thank you!
Alison K.
I purchased the handstand bundle a while ago and I am progressing really fast. The combination of different kinds of practices, from yoga and workouts to such specific tricks like handstand is a perfect way to learn. 
Cameron J.
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