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30 Day Training Challenge

This FREE 30-day training challenge is a perfect way to get fit while exploring different kinds of practices. You will practice yoga and do interval trainings. All levels!

All levels, vinyasa yoga, bodyweight exercises

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Handstand Conditioning

This course was designed for those who are interested in strenghtening their upper body and get more confident in turning upside down. It will be perfect also for everyone else who just likes to move! 

All levels, bodyweight, some equipment needed

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21 Days To Fit

This series of workouts is challenging and very effective in increasing strength as well as endurance. You don't need any equipment.

All levels, low impact & high intensity

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Monthly Subscription

This subscription contains majority of my yoga  & workout courses. You can access them for only 9,99EUR per month!

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What my learners say

I enjoy the beginners handstand course a lot! I have been struggling for many years to finally learn how to balance on my hands and the tips from the course really helped me. Thank you!
Alison K.
I purchased the handstand bundle a while ago and I am progressing really fast. The combination of different kinds of practices, from yoga and workouts to such specific tricks like handstand is a perfect way to learn. 
Cameron J.
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