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I've created this platform to make my courses accessible for students from all over the world. My doors are open to the students of all ages and any levels of experience. My mission is to share my passion for yoga, handstands and meditation with a wider audience because these practices helped me to feel good with myself when I needed it most. 
who stands behind handstandworks.com?

Meet me

I am a student and teacher with a Law Degree from the University of Warsaw who’ve decided to let go of what she thought was a “good career” and taken the road less travelled – helping people to be happy in their bodies and with themselves.

What I offer is a complex program for creating your own nourishing lifestyle with a mindful and holistic approach. I believe yoga, strength trainings & meditation as well as healthy approach for eating and mindful lifestyle are the best ways to take care of the amazing gifts we were given – body, mind and soul.

I’ve been practicing yoga, handstands and AcroYoga since 2011 and discovered these practices all at the same time. Before I was just training in a gym, trying to make my body look good and getting stronger = stressing my body a lot! It was a life-changing experience to learn how to really feel and control my body and fully benefit from what it can offer once I really connected to it.

Now my body listens to me and I listen to my body.

My courses are designed to make you feel good and help you reach your goals. In my teachings I share the best technical tips and give space for a dialogue and questions to allow the practice to shift towards what serves your body best. I believe variety is the key, that’s why I don’t focus on one thing only. I will assist you in getting stronger, flexible and more connected to your body. In learning how to respect and accept where you are with your practice and in life. In connecting to your breath and starting a new relationship with yourself. In inverting in order to change the perspective and connecting to others through AcroYoga to learn more about yourself and enjoy being moved.I am a rebel with a cause.

I  am questioning what we are told we need to do to be healthy, happy, fulfilled in life. I believe we don’t need more yoga mats, yoga clothes, special equipment, supplements or gym memberships to become fit, healthy or fulfilled. I know, because I’ve experienced it myself, that all we need is a physical space to move and act and a strong decision to improve the quality of our lives.

Get outside, do some pushups, run, walk, stretch, breathe and I can assure you – you will already feel better.

Shall we start?
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My Vision

My vision is to create a better everyday life for many people and help them understand themselves better.
We share our passion for sharing knowledge with students from all walks of life. All our courses are planned, recorded and edited based on 3 core principles:
  • Our online courses start with a thorough explanation of the topic covered.
  • Our unique 3-part layout provides the best visual quality on the web.
  • All our lessons are applied to common industry practises so that you understand how to use the theory in a practical context.
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700+ students and counting

The school has everything that I need for successful study: textbooks, daily assignments, planner, notebooks, music sheets, a staff who are very skilled and experienced, and ready to help at any time.
Josh Stobbard
I am most grateful that my son's teacher not only makes learning fun and shares his knowledge, but his passion for studying as well. I could not have found a better place for him to learn.
Amanda Russel
I received my certificate, and I would like to thank you for your continuous support. The courses were challenging, but my instructors were always there supporting me and ready to help.
Magda Green
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Frequently asked questions

How can I choose my courses?

We offer a number of different learning paths, which you are invited to read and choose the one that better meets your needs. However if you need any advice or clarifications, we are at your disposal at any time.

What if the student and teacher’s personalities don’t work well together or the student is dissatisfied?

We have 16 teachers so if a problem occurs – which is extremely rare – we can switch you over to one of the other teachers. If you think you may get more out of lessons from a teacher with a different teaching style, we have the flexibility to change you to another instructor.

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

With us you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most notable professionals in the field. We are intricately involved with education across the U.S. Our students regularly participate in local, state-wide, and national workshops and festivals.
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