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Handstands - Yoga - Workouts

The impuls to create this online platform came from a wish to be able to share my love for movement and wellness practices with a wider circle of people who are motivated to improve the quality of their lives. No matter in which part of the world you live, you can improve the quality of your life for better. It's simple - create your accont here, choose a practice & enjoy yourself!

What do I offer?

  • Video lessons
  • Text materials (depending on the course)
  • Acces to an online forum
  • Lifetime access to the courses

Subscription option

You can purchase a subscription to get access to most of the yoga & workout courses (handstands excluded) for one month

Single course & bundle purchase

You can purchase every single course with a lifetime access, or a bundle of courses, in the area that interest you most!

What do you want to practice?


Learn Handstands

Enjoy a series of online handstand courses designed for total beginners as well as intermediate practitioners


Practice Yoga

Explore different yoga styles and find out what serves your body & mind best



Become strong and improve your fitness level with my favourite bodyweight workouts


Pranayama & Breath Studies

Coming soon!

My students love this platform 

I have been practicing with Marta for many years now and I am always excited about her new workshops, courses - now this platform! It's a dream come true to have her in my home, every day. Thank you for your amazing work!
I had been learning handstands for years before I met Marta ad purchased her handstand beginners course. It was such a shift in my practice! I started to really progress and finally felt my body and where it is in space. Highly recommended!
Annie Baumgartner
I love strong yoga practices and I can find so many of them here, on this platform! Marta teaches wonderfully, I don't even have to look on the screen to understand what I should do. Perfection!
Lucie Fischer

Practice with me

My name is Marta Witecka and I have created this platform to share my love for movement & self care with everyone who needs support in their wellness routines. I have been working out almost my entire life to feel good in my body and with myself and went through a long journey of becoming happy about who I am and how I look. I have been practicing yoga, handstands & AcroYoga since 2011 and leading workshops and classes full-time since 2014. After 7 years of practicing yoga I have done a 200 RYT Asthanga & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training  in India and in 2021 finished a Yinspiration Yin Yoga 60H RYT Teacher Training on hip anatomy, yin yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as 60H RYT TTC on myofascial release, ball massage, fascia study, MyoYin and anatomy of the spine. I am currently learning pranayama practice & theory during a 60h Pranayama TTC, exploring breathing techniques and all that surrunds the breath topic. In 2019 I launched my online platform handstandworks.com to reach more people all around the world who share my passion for fit and conscious lifestyle. I love to be strong & flexible and feel good so I am sharing all the practices which can help those who want to feel good as well. Join me & let's move mindfully!

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